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installing tmux locally

I have been setting myself up on a new computing cluster (CentOS 6.7), so I'm in the lovely land of installing things without root. tmux proved a bit frustrating, so here's what I ended up doing:

install libevent

tmux needs this, I didn't have it (you ...

quotes in awk

Lazily trying to paste a long list of strings into python, which means I need things wrapped in quotes (and commas, but I'm excluding them from this example cause they're easy). Grabbing the strings from a file using awk, but since quotes (apostrophes) are special in awk this ...

man cut and other simple yet useful unix bits

Instead of just reading the man file, you could read this post about cut!

Printing columns ('fields') n to m (inclusive) from a file:

    cut -d [delimiter] -f n-m filename

Thus, removing the first n-1 fields from a file:

    cut -d [delimiter] -f n- filename

[delimiter] is automatically a tab ...