An apeirotope or infinite polytope is a polytope which has infinitely many facets.

This is the personal website of Stephanie (L.) Hyland. I'm an Irish PhD student living in Zürich. I work in the Biomedical Informatics Group at ETH Zurich. My research is on machine learning for healthcare and medicine. In a past life, I did theoretical physics in Trinity College Dublin, and mathematics (Part III) at St John's College, Cambridge. I also do things outside of my PhD, and sometimes write about them.

For more about my science, and links to talks/posters I've given, see the research page.



My personal account is @corcra.
Academic/research-related tweets at @_hylandSL.
(Rare) tweets as Gaeilge ar @koerkra.


Get me at gmail (steph.hyland), riseup (corcra), or my institutional addresses (see publications I'm on). My public PGP key is here, and my fingerprint is:

0F1D 8FA1 929F F077 7458
1191 E1CA 1868 408B 52D5

Unsure what PGP is? Check out the slides from my PGP intro talk.