important site updates

Two matters, one vastly more important than the other:

  1. SSL is active! It was incredibly easy to set up with Let's Encrypt. Losing SSL was one sad thing about moving away from GitHub pages, but it is clearly remedied. Now you can access my content securely.
  2. This site has a new subdomain: It shows a new dog gif/image on reload. SSL is... not working on the subdomain, I think I need to poke at nginx for that. You can now emulate friendship with me by hitting refresh on that page!

The way I did the new image on reload thing is hacky so here goes: I considered trying to actually learn JavaScript and then remembered I had to go wash my horse. So I found a 'load random image on reload' script, which puls images from a list defined in the script. Given I want to just drop files in a folder and have them enter the pupper-rotation this was no good, so I wrote a script (in bash) to compile the contents of the dog-folder and stick that in the HTML. Easy. What I need to do now is combine the 'count puppers and update HTML' script with the 'sync puppers to web server' script and I'll be sorted. Or put both on cronjobs and forget about it.

At the time of writing there are 210 such images. That's 2.1G of doggos. I regularly collect these pictures from twitter/imgur/giphy so it should grow slowly.

Coming soon: