An apeirotope or infinite polytope is a polytope which has infinitely many facets.

This is the personal website of Stephanie Hyland. I'm an Irish PhD student living in Z├╝rich. My research is on machine learning for healthcare and medicine. In a past life, I did theoretical physics in Trinity College Dublin, and mathematics (Part III) at St John's College, Cambridge. I also do things outside of my PhD, some of which are listed on the projects page or described in blog posts.



Get me at gmail (steph.hyland), riseup (corcra), or my institutional addresses (see publications I'm on). My public PGP key is here, and my fingerprint is:

0F1D 8FA1 929F F077 7458
1191 E1CA 1868 408B 52D5

Unsure what PGP is? Check out the slides from my PGP intro talk.


My personal account is @corcra.
Academic/research-related tweets at @__hylandSL.
Tweets as Gaeilge ar @koerkra.