just the tips

For fear of turning this blog into a Chinese Restaurant Process I've spawned a new category, called tips. This category is the closest to my original vision for a PhD-blog, where I would write down useful things as I learned them. It turns out that's not very sustainable (PhD involves a lot of learning). Every time I went to write a post I found it difficult to resist the urge to make it very comprehensive and pedagogical, which ended up in me carefully studying man pages.

The tips category will contain posts that are unashamedly brief and perhaps shamefully trivial. If I have a simple problem that took me too long (like over 5 minutes) to solve, I'll put my solution in tips. As ever, making hard categorical assignments to soft things like blog posts containing multiple topics is a fool's errand, but I'll deal with it as it comes. Perhaps I should be using LDA, or like, tags or something.